My favourite time of day

My favourite time of day is 7pm…yes that’s the time S goes to bed but it’s not for reasons you think.

At 7pm I get the biggest cuddles of the day and as I sit beside S until he falls asleep, in those quiet moments, in the dark, he goes through his day with me. While we were on holiday it went something like this…

S: Mama, do you remember today we went swimming and I came down the big slide like this…whoosh, very fast.
Me: Yes S, I remember. Did you have fun?
S: Yes, it was so much fun!

7 seconds later…

S: Mama, do you remember today I went on the horsey and I told the man I don’t want to go very fast.
Me: Yes S, I remember. You really enjoyed it.

7 seconds later…

S: Mama, do you remember today I ate fish fingers and chips and I ate it all in my tummy. It was so yummy!
Me: Yes, I remember.

5 seconds later…

S: Mama, do you remember…
Me (gently): Shhh…S, it’s time to nini now.

Silence…and he falls asleep.

And on days he isn’t telling me about his day, he sings his own little songs, parts of “Let it go”, “Do you want to build a snowman” or “Uptown Funk” as he slips into the land of nod. And in those moments, in the quiet dark room, all my frustrations of the day slip away.

Parenting is a relentless job and by 7pm I am knackered! All I want to do is put him to bed and pour myself a glass of wine. But for those 10 minutes before he falls asleep, I sit and listen to him and realise this is my favourite time of day and I cherish it. ❤


16 thoughts on “My favourite time of day

  1. My word, I have no experience of a child falling asleep so easily. Certainly not since both mine started talking! May this last a long time for you. Sounds delightful

    • haha I hope so! No doubt it’ll change soon enough. But he’s so active in the day with no naps so by 7pm he’s pretty exhausted! Thanks for stopping by x

  2. Gorgeous post. I love 7pm too. we have a feed and then I put him into his cot, he snuggles up to Charlie the Chimp and then all is quiet. No talking yet…it’ll be a couple of years before he recounts his day. I also enjoy my first slug of wine at 7:05. xx

  3. Aww this is gorgeous! My toddler quite often sings himself to sleep. I’m now imagining some sort of Frozen/uptown Funk mash up – genius!

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  5. Awww this is so sweet – bedtime is my favorite time of the day too for the same lovely reasons. Love your #happyquacks linky! x

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