Man Up – A review

I love love! I love romance! I love London! And I love romantic movies based in London! Love Actually, The Holiday…love them both!

So when I saw the trailer for “Man Up” I thought I have to watch it. But life took hold of all my time and before I knew it, it had come and gone. Thankfully, it was showing on Cathay Pacific when I flew to Hong Kong earlier this month. I watched it and of course, I loved it!

Man Up is about 2 people, Nancy (Lake Bell) and Jack (Simon Pegg) who accidentally meet under the clock at Waterloo Station. Jack mistakes Nancy for his blind date and Nancy, who vowed to take more chances in the New Year, ran with it. What followed was the best first blind date. That is until Jack found out the truth.


What I loved about the movie was it’s honesty. It’s not all bells and whistles in your 30s and 40s. When dating we come to the table with so much baggage. Some light, some heavy, but it’s there either way. Navigating relationships in your 30s is a lot tougher than in your 20s and requires a lot more alcohol!!

Lake Bell did a brilliant job with her English accent!! Man Up is a totally realistic view of the modern dating scene (drunken meltdowns included) with a happy ending. What more can you ask for?!

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