THE TOY STORE, Oxford Street, London

When anyone speaks about coming to London with kids, one place that is always on the list of places to visit is Hamleys. And it is amazing! But there’s a new place in town folks and this place had me walking around like a child in a candy toy store, mouth slightly agape!

A few months ago I noticed that Dorothy Perkins at Bond Street tube station was shutting down but I had no idea what was replacing it. Until last Friday that is. I got off at Bond Street to run some errands and quite literally, could not miss this!!














Amazing isn’t it?! It had every toy I could think of. Ben & Holly and Paw Patrol toys aren’t one’s you see just anywhere. I’m not sure when exactly The Toy Store opened but the perfectionist in me absolutely loved their displays. These pictures don’t even do it justice!

There were a members of staff dressed in various characters and a magician performing magic tricks. As you can see from the pictures, it was very quiet! I’m hoping that’s just what you get for a Friday morning and they’ll be bustling with business in no time.

Part of me cannot wait to take S while another part of me thinks I best keep him away as long as possible!!

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