The Tiger who came to Tea

While London boasts an amazing array of shows in the West End year round, it’s usually during August and around Christmas when some of the best children’s shows come out. S has a great imagination and he’s at the age where I felt he was ready to see his books come to life.

We’d gone to see Ben & Holly over the summer and while he enjoyed it, he wasn’t utterly convinced. Back in November some friends were talking about The Tiger who came to Tea and I thought he might enjoy it. Except, we’d never read the book (shock horror!). I promptly ordered it from Amazon, he absolutely loved it and a week later we were ordering tickets to see the theatre production.

We went with my friend Anupa and her two sons (twins) who are the same age as S. The Tiger who came to Tea is showing at the Lyric Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue until the 10th of January.


The set (above)

We got there about 10-15 minutes before the show started and as soon as we sat down, S kept asking when the tiger was coming out. He was very excited! I wasn’t sure what to expect and wondered how they were going to depict the tiger. The show finally started with Sophie and her mum and dad walking on to stage and although the book starts with Sophie and her mum having tea, the show gave us a lot more. We see Sophie’s dad all flustered in the morning as he leaves for work, forgetting his shoes and mistaking an oven mitt for his hat. Clearly this was aimed to get laughs from the younger kids in the audience. The dad finally leaves and the day continues with both the milkman & the postman arriving at different times.

It’s about twenty minutes in to the show when the tiger finally appears. And what a tiger he is. A tall, bright and charming tiger (with dance moves) entertains us with his bum wiggling and “magic tricks”. He really does eat all the food, I was left open mouthed wondering where it was all going to.

The production theme have done a great job with bringing the book to life with lot’s of catchy songs and laughs. At 50 minutes long it captured S’s attention without feeling dragged out. Sophie was slightly annoying but I suppose everything has to be exaggerated when it comes to kids. We had great seats in the 4th row (think we paid about £24 each) and from that close I can tell you Sophie also needs a longer dress!

S really enjoyed it and I found myself laughing at many of the tigers antics so I’d definitely recommend it.


2 thoughts on “The Tiger who came to Tea

  1. Everyone in London seems to have seen this this Christmas. We saw it last weekend and your the third person I know who’s gone! I’ve had the sausages and chips song in my head ever since and I agree about Sophie’s dress :-/
    Merry Christmas! Hopefully see you in the New Year x

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