A walk in Hampstead Heath

We spent Christmas in Ireland with my best friend and her family and while there, S spent a lot of time outdoors with the dogs or going for a walk. Although I don’t make resolutions any more, one of my goals for this year was to get out more (because clearly S is country bumpkin, me, not so much). 

So when we got back, I bought myself a pair of wellies ready for an outdoor adventure. And why go far when Hampstead Heath is on our doorstep. We woke yesterday to very cold but totally sunny weather and I jumped at the opportunity to muck out my new boots šŸ˜‰

Armed with thermal layers, we drove up and parked at Jack Straw’s House and hit the Heath.


Hampstead Heath is beautiful and goes on for miles. If you go off the beaten path, as we did, you’d never know you were in London. And yet  listen ever so closely for the passing cars and you’ll also know civilisation isn’t too far (that’s my kind of “countryside”). At one point I worried about getting lost but then remembered I was in fact in London and good ol’ Google Maps would get us back if we did.

Before I knew it we came through a gate and I recognises Golders Hill Park. If you’ve never been there, please go, it’s beautiful. They have a butterfly sanctuary, a bird sanctuary, the biggest squirrels I have ever seen and lots of other animals. They also have a great little playground with a sandpit and a cafĆ©.

We spent about 30 minutes in there before heading back “through the woods” towards the car. I think I need to invest in some warm socks because my toes were uncomfortably cold but other than that (and S getting tired towards the end), it was a great morning.

We’ll definitely start venturing further out but yesterday was a good start. Nothing like a good  dose of fresh air to start the weekend!


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