The Natural History Museum, London 

We woke up this morning and after a bit of lazing around, came down for breakfast and watched Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures. S sat totally enraptured and kept talking about the T-Rex. So in the spur of the moment I asked him if he’d like to see some dinosaurs and off to The National History Museum we went.

I feel so blessed to live in a city that offers so much…for me and my child. Although S is still young, we’ve travelled quite a bit and done a lot of touristy things in and around London. He may not remember it all but it definitely tickles his curiosity.

We drove through Hyde Park and straight down Museum Road where we were lucky to get a spot on a yellow line right beside the museum.

The first thing you notice is just how beautiful the building is and I know my boy will be a little culture vulture when he turned to me and said “That’s a beautiful building mama”. Yes S, it really is!

Like most museums in London, The National History Museum is free to enter although they do ask you to donate what you can. Given how amazing it is, I think the suggested £5 is well worth it.

As soon as you enter you’re greeted by an enormous dinosaur skeleton. The sheer size of it in what is an architectural dream is something to see.

We walked through the museum looking for the other dinosaurs and took a detour through the the area covering the human body. Although I didn’t get a chance to read it all, the information they provided on the human body was mind blowing. There is a lot to learn about how we develop as well as our perceptions and thoughts. When S is older, he would most definitely benefit from coming back, it’s a great learning resource.

We finally found the dinosaurs and the peice de la resistance, The T-Rex!!

They have done *such* an amazing job with this, I did wander for a split second if it was real 😉 S of course totally thought it was and spent a good 10 minutes just taking it all in. I didn’t take a video because it was too dark but the dinosaur moves, opens his mouth, stamps his feet and gazes into your eyes like he’s trying to befriend you.

Following on from the T-Rex we saw some smaller dinosaurs outside who also looked pretty life like although not quite as amazing as their older counterpart. They too moved and gazed!

We ended our visit in the museum shop, as you do, where S got a mini T-Rex that opens and shuts his mouth with the press of a button.

We were only there for an hour but given S’s attention span and age, it was more than enough. I have a feeling we’ll be going back often just to visit Mr. T-Rex!

The museum is really easy to get to by public transport as well and is in the same vicinity as the science museum (which is on our list of places to visit).

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