Travelling with kids 

I have always loved travelling, seeing new places, experiencing new things. Passing on the wanderlust gene to S has always been a priority for me. He’s just turned 4 and he’s probably been to more places than I did in the first 15 years of my life!

Many people comment that he’s so young and he won’t remember all our trips but I see things differently. While he probably won’t remember them, they most certainly add value to his day to day life. Everytime we travel, I watch him grow, open up and come back slightly changed. 

It’s not always easy travelling with kids, especially a strong headed four year old who has no sense of fear and no qualms about wandering off in a crowd. But these are the reasons I’m ticking places off my bucket list and taking S with me.

1. Travelling ignites the curiosity in him. As we stood outside a mosque in Istanbul during prayer time yesterday, he asked me about the call to prayer, why all the men were bowing as they did and what they were doing. 

2. He sees things he would never see in our day to day life in London. Even something as simple as a tram which he’s loved riding on both in Rome last week and Istanbul this week.

3. New foods – Thankfully S is not a fussy eater but he does like to flaff about at mealtimes and many a time expects me to feed him. When we’re at home he also prefers the same handful of things each week. On holiday over the last 2 weeks he’s eaten lots of pizza and pasta (he was never a fan), lamb kebabs, chicken shish and this afternoon, calamari. 

4. In general he’s taking in so much more than he would at home. He’s seeing how different people live, he’s exposed to different cultures and I hope all these experiences will make him a much more open and diverse person.

5. Although he is only 4, S has walked around the colloseum and through all the Vatican Museums. As he grows older these trips will also add to his education, teaching him about history, geography, culture, religion and architecture.

6. Travelling teaches kids patience and also that the world doesn’t revolve around them. In our house, most things revolve around S but on holiday he has to do what everyone else is doing. We do of course plan things for him as well but he joins in with whatever we’re all doing.

7. A sense of adventure is developed every time we travel. S jumped off a boat into the sea (and into my brothers arms) in Cebu when he was only 2 years and 4 months old. He went camel riding in Dubai a few months before his 3rd birthday and last summer he went down a super fast water slide in Mazagan, Morocco. I hope travel keeps him fearless and only adds to his keen sense of adventure.

Travelling with a child is no easy task, especially for the parent and there are times I want to pull my hair out but I know it’ll be worth it in the end. 


Chillin’ like a villain 😎

 Outside the Aya Sophia in Istanbul


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