Ashridge Estate (National Trust)

We’re having some glorious spring weather here in London (that obviously also includes a few days of non stop rain) and we’re absolutely loving it! Last weekend was a scorcher (26 degrees on Sunday…Yes I know, I know, my definition of a scorcher is quite tame) and a mum on a fb group I’m on recommended Ashridge Estate in Berkhamsted.

We were up early on Sunday and by 10am we left home on our way up to Hertfordshire. It took us about 50 minutes from NW London, straight up the M1. Clearly lots of people had similar intentions because at 11am it was already quite crowded. 

Of course the weather helps, but even then, it’s a stunning estate and we hadn’t even seen the best bit yet. The fellow mum who recommended it suggested we go soon so we get to see the most beautiful bluebell fields. These pictures don’t do it justice.

There’s several paths you can take, depending on how long you’re willing to walk. Although we took S’s scooter, I wouldn’t recommend it because the ground is quite uneven and he went flying off it a couple of times. Also he’s usually a pretty strong walker (we walked for hours in Rome and Istanbul) but I think the scooter (and the heat) tired him out a lot faster.

If you’re close enough to London, I hope this post and these pictures tempt you to go, you won’t regret it.

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