Sea Life, London Aquarium 

The summer holidays started for us last Friday and S has a whole two months off!! I was hoping to make the most of the glorious sunshine (yeah right!) but unfortunately (perhaps as expected), it’s been raining  a lot.

Nevertheless, a little rain never hurt anyone so last Monday a few nursery mums and I decided to take the kids to Sea Life, The London Aquarium. The school had given us some coupons allowing the kids to go free so we just paid £24.50 for each adult.

My friends nanny called in sick on the day and she had to work so I offered to take her daughter with us. Although A is such a sweetheart, it did make me wonder how I ever thought I wanted twins! *cray cray*

We just visited Dubai for half term and I’m not even going to begin to compare the London Aquarium with the Aquarium in Dubai Mall (because Dubai would win hands down) but you can see the whole Aquarium in Dubai in 5 minutes. What the London one lacked in grandeur, it made up for it in variety (and information!) 3 adults and 5 kids, we spent just over 2 hours in there!

The kids loved watching all the different fish, finding nemo, spotting giant turtles, admiring the beautiful “glitter fish” and getting up close and personal with the penguins. The penguin enclosure is the last bit and was probably my favourite. They had a really cool screen that acted as a mirror (so we could see ourselves) and it looked like we were standing right beside a pool with polar bears and orcas. The picture doesn’t do it justice, you had to be there.

The kids also got to touch star fish which they were thrilled about and check out a giant whale tooth!

If you’re looking for something to keep the kids busy this summer, check out The Aquarium. It’s down on the Southbank which also hosts some fabulous child friendly restaurants (like Giraffe) so you can make a whole day of it. Make sure to look out for discount coupons on boxes of cereals.



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