Michael McIntyre’s Big Show 

I don’t know how I heard about it but I started getting emails from The Applause Store. I’m a huge comedy fan so back in June I signed up for tickets for Michael McIntyre’s Big Show. I even tweeted asking when I’d hear back and about a month ago I got an email saying I’d got two tickets. Given that it’s a raffle draw, I was thrilled when I got the email! My friend Louise is in town from Istanbul and I knew she’d love this sort of thing so I invited her to come with me.

I’m on my way home from the show and amazing is the only word to describe it. As I mentioned, I love comedy and of course Michael McIntyre was brilliant. But it was all the extras that made it hilarious. He took Alexander Armstrong’s (presenter on Pointless) phone and sent a random rude text out. He had 12 year old Brooke come out as a secret star and do an amazing rendition of Whitney Houston. He had Ross Howard the comedian (amazing) and to end the show it was none other than Rick Astley (blast from the past!). 

They even had an old lady play “soap or nope”, only to meet her life long pen pal from Australia (they’ve been pen pal for 71 years!!!) I mean if that doesn’t bring you to tears, I don’t know what will!!?!

This is just one more reason why I love London. So if you fancy being in the audience at an amazing London show, head over to the applause store. You won’t always get tickets (I applied to my favourite Britain’s got talent and didn’t get it) but I got this and it made for a great night out!

Oh and the best bit? During the interval we were asked if we’d like to come up front and we moved from the Royal Circle (Row K) to the very first row in the theatre. Talk about up close and personal….score!! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Michael McIntyre’s Big Show 

  1. HO – Sorry I have just come across your post! Wondering what time you arrived in order to get tickets or did you have priority? As have got tickets for this year! Glad to see you had a great night! X

  2. Hi, I got tickets through the applause store. I can’t remember what time we went to get our tickets…I think around 3ish. We then went for a drink locally before heading back there at 6ish.

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