Siam Water Park, Tenerife 

As soon as my cousin said she’d chosen Tenerife as her wedding location, I started looking into things to do there with kids. Given that it’s a 4 hour flight away, we’d decided to make a holiday out of it by staying for an extra few days after her wedding.

It wasn’t long before I came across Siam Water Park. Those who know me or have read my other posts know how much I love water parks!! I’m literally like a child in a candy store. When relating my plans to my family I made it clear that I didn’t care if we didn’t do anything else in Tenerife but we *had* to go to Siam Water Park (voted world’s best water park a number of times).

I’ve been to Wild Wadi and The Atlantis water park in Dubai and so my expectations were high. Siam did not disappoint! We were staying up in the North (Siam is in the South) and there were 14 of us going so by the time we all got into gear, we only got there around midday.

If you’re only going to spend one day there, I’d definitely recommend getting a fast pass. It’s only an extra £6-£8 but it allows you to skip all the queues. It’s limited to one queue skip on each ride plus a couple of extras. We didn’t get it because we found out too late but I would definitely get it next time (yes, I loved it so much, there has to be a next time). We waited approx. 30 minutes for each ride. Given that it was August and the peak of the summer, I didn’t think that was too bad. I’ve waited longer for rides at Alton Towers. 

The size of Siam Park is a little deceiving. While it doesn’t appear that big, it’s massive and there was a whole section we missed out on. When you first walk in you’re greeted by some seals. It was like a scene out of Finding Dory. There were two sitting up on the rock and when a third one tried to clamber on, he was literally chucked off!

There were two huge areas for children only. One with just slides and another with a whole water park section.

And of course lots of awesome rides for adults! Most of the height restrictions were 1.2m so S just fell short but my amazing parents stepped in and took him on the lazy river, a few fun slides and to a massive beach like area where they had waves every 15 minutes. Apparently it was amazing. We all headed back there at 5:45 but the waves end at 5pm so I missed it.

While many of the rides are similar to ones you’d find in other water parks, there are lots of added extras. I went on one that felt like a rave. As you’re swirling around a toilet bowl shaped slide there were disco lights and music. It was quite an experience!

I had to leave my phone in my bag so I don’t have a lot of pictures but I highly recommend Siam Water Park if you’re in Tenerife. Try and get there when it opens to make the most of your day and buy the fast pass, you won’t regret it!

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