Storks, a review 

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to a media screening of the upcoming (now released) Storks. The email said there would be fun in the foyer (Cineworld Leicester Square) for the kids from 10am and the movie would start at 11am. They did not disappoint. There was a crafts table, 3D picture opportunities, balloon makers, face painters, dressed up characters AND tea, coffee, pastries and biscuits galore. It was sugar heaven (hell?) for the under 5s.


Storks, written and co-directed by Nicholas Stoller is Warner’s second animated movie. Given that they are competing against the likes of Disney, Pixar & Dreamworks, they did a great job. Storks is funny, imaginative and warm and was cleary written for adults as much as for kids with lots of laugh out loud moments for the grown-ups in the room.
Storks is about a little boy Nate (only child to incredibly busy parents) who dreams of having a ninja skilled baby brother. He writes a letter to the stork factory (because until recently, it’s been storks that deliver babies) and goes about setting up his house for the arrival of his baby brother. Meantime in the Stork factory (which is now an Amazon-like dispatch factory,, Junior is on the verge of being promoted to boss, as long as he fires Tulip (a human orphan who has lived in the factory and been raised by the storks). Junior being the nice guy that he is can’t bring himself to do it so instead banishes her to the mail room where the now obsolete baby machine is gathering dust. The letter comes in while she is in there and in her excitement she reactivates the machine. Junior tries to stop it but a gorgeous baby girl arrives before he can. What follows next is the journey Junior, Tulip and the baby make to get the baby to its rightful family, without getting too attached of course.
The animation and imagination is amazing (think pack of wolves joining together to form a bridge/submarine and many other things). The movie is as funny as it is heart-warming. I wasn’t sure how long S would last (he’d been awake since 4:45 that morning!) but it held his attention. He now spots the stork ads everywhere and tells everyone about it.
I definitely recommend taking your kids to see Storks this half term, they’ll enjoy it and so will you 🙂

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