Wagamama at the 02

I am quite lucky that food has never been an issue with S. He’s always had quite a varied palette and the more we travel, the more open he is to trying new foods. After our trip to Turkey earlier this year, he’s now a fan of kebabs! We often go out to lunch with either family/friends or sometimes just the two of us. Giraffe has always been one of my go to child friendly restaurants. But places like Pheonix Palace (Chinese restaurant), Busaba and Wagamama are pretty good as well and the latter two do great kids menus.
A couple of weeks ago we were invited to Wagamama at the 02 centre not far from where we live to experiment with their kids menu. S is quite familiar with it as we go there often. We were booked in for dinner at 5pm but due to changes in our plans for the day, we went at 1:30pm for lunch instead and they were very accommodating. As usual S was given some crayons and paper to occupy him. As soon as the waiter came to our table, S asked him for the children’s chopsticks (he’s well acquainted with the place!) He chose the cob cubes and I decided to go with the Firecracker but requested tofu (rather than the chicken or prawns option). Again, they were accommodating to my needs. S also had a fresh apple juice and I had a Positive (which was very refreshing!) and that’s how I like to roll 😉

When our meals arrived however, I was disappointed with the cod cubes S got. They were larger than they usually are but as I tried to cut them in half for him, I realised just how hard they were. Also, a few of them were just empty shells. I realised this when S handed one to me and exclaimed that he wasn’t going to eat it because it was empty. I flagged this to the manager and she was nice enough to change the cod cubes and bring us a new batch. However when they arrived I wished I’d just ordered him a chicken cha han (chicken fried rice) instead. They were marginally better than the first batch but still quite hard. She (the manager) explained that they needed to be cooked well so that the fish inside was cooked all the way through and while I understand that, S has had the cod cubes at Wagamama before and we’ve never had this issue. Perhaps it’s a new batter or a different chef. S ended his meal on a happy note though with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

My meal on the other hand was very flavourful. I’ll warn you though, the firecracker is hot, approach with care! What I usually do (but had forgotten on this occasion) was to ask them to make it without all the dried red chillis. It’s still hot but obviously not as much without them. If you’re not a huge fan of spice, I highly recommended the chicken teriyaki donburi or one of the ramens.

Our experience won’t put me off going back there but I don’t think I’ll be ordering the cod cubes again unfortunately.
*Disclaimer – S and I were invited to Wagamama and our meals were complimentary. As always, all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.

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