About Natasha

Hello, I’m Natasha, a certified Relationship Coach and accredited Divorce Coach. I help women, globally, to increase their sense of self-worth, show up for themselves, identify and rewire their limiting beliefs and thrive in all relationships.

I was born in Liberia and have lived in 7 different cities. Being of South Asian descent, it was common to hear statements like:

“What will people think?” (Log Kya Kahenge?)

“Good girls don’t do that, you’re a good girl.”

“Don’t be so bossy and opinionated.”

“You must always respect your elders.”

This created in me the belief that how others saw me mattered more than how I saw myself and that I needed to be validated by society and keep those around me happy.

My pivoting moment only came after my divorce when I realised that my choice in partner came from my deep lack of self worth and I didn’t want to model this to my son. I started my business because as a single parent, I wanted to be around for my son, to be able to work in my own time, to be flexible with my hours and be my own boss.

I work with women of colour who feel unfulfilled or stuck in their marriages & relationships. I help them cut through their cultural conditioning and expand how they see themselves so that they can thrive in their relationships. What separates my services from other relationship coaches is that having lived across Africa, Asia and Europe, I understand the deep rooted cultural nuances that often limit us from thriving in our relationships.

I have been featured in Stylist Magazine, Darling Magazine, Fabulous Magazine, The Sun, The Huffington Post, Medium, Shoutout LA, Women’s Health UK and on multiple podcasts as well.

I believe if we take the time to invest in ourselves and peel back the layers of cultural conditioning, we’d have the ability to have more heart centred, fulfilling and happier relationships. 

What do I do?

Over the years, I’ve helped women:

Identify and overcome their limiting beliefs

 Cut through their cultural and social conditioning

Gain more confidence

Create and sustain loving relationships

Address their fears and rise above them

Overcome their self-sabotaging patterns

Manifest their deepest desires

Challenge their money mindset

Communicate better with their loved ones

Create a life they love

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