A weekend in Cambridge 

Back in January I was catching up with one of my oldest friends, Mariam and we both realised it had been ages since we’d seen each other and we could both really do with some downtime. From there sprung the idea of a girls weekend away. Edinburgh was our first choice but given the cold weather, we settled on Cambridge. Neither of us had been before but we’d heard good things.

We arrived in Cambridge on the Friday evening and Mariam had booked us into an Air B n B apartment which was pretty close to the centre of town. Time flew as we caught up on each other’s lives and before we knew it, it was 10:30pm and no where around us was serving food. We jumped into her car and ended up at Merhaba Restaurant on East Road, a really yummy Turkish restaurant. We shared some kebabs and an aubergine dip, both of which were amazing!! I wish I had a picture but we were so hungry, it was gone before we could say kebab!!

On Saturday we walked into town and headed to Patties for brunch. Apparently it’s quite a landmark in Cambridge. I can’t say there was anything particularly special about it but everyone I mentioned it to sort of have me a nod of approval at having gone there.

We then headed to the tourist centre and bought some tickets to go on a punting tour. Anyone living in England will know how volatile the weather can be but that weekend we were blessed with beautiful sunny weather. It was mid March and still cool but the glorious sun shone all weekend. Our guide was equal parts informative and funny…the punting is a must do!

*Top tips: 1) As you head towards the river, outside some of the universities, there are students offering punting tours and walking tours for slightly cheaper than the tourist centre. They’re wearing red jackets. If you’re a big group, this would work out more cost effective.

2) Try and avoid sitting under the rower/guide if you don’t want to inevitably get splashed with water.

After the tour we walked around the town and popped into the Fitzwilliam Museum. The architecture in England never ceases to amaze me!


If you’re visiting with kids, they’ll love these ride on cars which you can hire for only £2 at the Grafton Mall.


On Saturday night we decided to hit the town and relive our youth. We started with a cocktail at Ta Bouche then crossed the street to Baroosh for another. Had a bit of a dance at Fez Club before ending our night at Lola’s.


On Sunday we had brunch at Patisserie Valerie (while our poached eggs looked amazing, they were overcooked and underseasoned). 

We then walked around the market square. Filled with all sorts of delights from chocolate to cake, jewellery and keepsakes, there’s something for everyone. 


Don’t forget to catch The Singing Dustbin on your way down to the river!

Cambridge was a fabulous weekend away and I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a weekend break. Most people ride around on bikes but it’s small enough to walk around if you’re staying close enough to the centre. We didn’t get a chance to go inside any of the universities but I was told by a friend who studied there that they are absolutely gorgeous inside and I can just imagine so.