Looking back to our first session, I came with a lot of reservations.  I am so grateful to have signed up for your one-on-one sessions and to have had insight into certain parts of my life that I wouldn’t have otherwise.  What I wanted from this was a sense of clarity, as I remember.  I may not have fully achieved it in the past few months, but I certainly feel more calm and peaceful about a few things that are beyond my control…especially things dealing with my dad.  I have learned to set my boundaries more and more not just at home but in other social situations too. I realize that over the last few months through our sessions, what I wanted was a better understanding of myself.  It wasn’t about the NGO or the restlessness, but rather to understand how or why I do certain things in a situation.  I am so much more at peace when it comes to work or even my relationship with my husband.  Not to say that I am fully happy with the way things are.  It’s a work in progress and I am slowly uncovering ways to deal with it through our sessions.  The process has allowed me let go and be less harsh to myself.  It has made me feel lighter and move beyond that. It hasn’t been easy to open up fully but I appreciate your patience and your relentlessness in getting me to do so. A.J., India


I am so grateful for what you have brought into my life. It’s nothing short of magically transformative. I still remember when you messaged me about your consulting fees and you called it an “investment”. I couldn’t agree more. It’s been exactly that – an investment that has paid back ten fold. A.M., Hong Kong

Oh Natasha, I don’t even know how to begin to say thank you for all that you have given me – confidence, courage and strength to recognise who I am, what I need and how to go about living my life. Thank you, thank you, an infinite amount of thanks. S.P., New York

I went to Natasha feeling really hopeless and unsure about what to do in my relationship. I think I just needed to be reminded about how good things were, and to break down why I felt the way I felt. Week by week we got to a place where I could manage every day relationship stresses and although it still needs work, I’m happier than I have been in a long time. L.H., London

I have never been the person to open up to strangers and moreover to expect them to help me through something.  Counseling was a foreign idea till a friend recommended it.  I signed up with much apprehension and my first session was good, but not great.  I remember holding back a lot and not letting myself be.  Over the course of a few months through 6 sessions with Natasha, I was able to break down barriers slowly.  Natasha has the right questions and exercises that allow us to look within ourselves deeply.  I became more and more aware of my behavioral patterns and realized where I could correct myself or be more cautious.  Even when I didn’t have it in me to do an exercise or feared it, she was adamant that I did.  As uncomfortable as it was for me, I realize that without having gone through it, I wouldn’t feel the lightness and see things with a different perspective. A.J., India

I had the pleasure of participating in Natasha’s 6 week Inside Out program. Right off the first session I could see how Natasha’s incisive questions helped me to identify my self-limiting behaviors. As I have come to understand, recognizing these behaviors and speaking aloud about it is the first step to start addressing and resolving them. Natasha provided a non-judgmental and supportive voice of reason to my inner thoughts and feelings – helping to parse through what mattered and what didn’t. In our sessions, she encouraged me to dwell on areas that troubled me, by asking me to make the mental space to think through them and helping me to connect the dots. If you have ever spent hours talking to yourself, spinning questions to yourself within the confines of your mind and wondering how you can push through to a new level of self-awareness, then this course is for you. It’s the best investment in self-care I have made. A.M., Hong Kong