Private 1:1 coaching

Life Coach - Relationships and Divorce

Ready to live and thrive?

As a certified life coach and accredited divorce coach, I work with clients to help them navigate life with more courage, clarity and confidence.

Divorce can be a pretty traumatic experience leaving one feeling confused, ashamed and worried about the future. You are not alone and these feelings are quite normal. However, they do not serve you and if left unaddressed, they can and do prevent people from experiencing true love and joy in life.

I want you to know that a divorce does not define you, that you are worthy of love, that your child/children (if you have them) will be okay and that you, like all of us, are deserving of happiness and so much more besides.

Imagine a year from now waking up every day with a sense of purpose and feeling carefree. Imagine waking up with a smile, feeling light, knowing you have all the tools to have an amazing day. Imagine feeling that sense of inner confidence as you show up at work or go on a date. Imagine living without fear, having nothing holding you back – not your anxiety or your limiting beliefs. Imagine living with a feeling of abundance, knowing you are safe, loved and taken care of. Imagine, after your transformation, looking back and feeling a sense of pride at the person you have become.

This is just a glimpse of what coaching with me could help you achieve. Don’t you think you owe this to yourself?

The investment

1:1 Transformational Coaching from the Inside Out

Work one on one with me to raise your sense of self worth, regain control of your life, heal from your past and navigate your divorce with strategy, strength and support.

Six (6) 1 hour sessions

✨ Text/Email support in-between sessions
✨  Support Resources
✨  £480 or 3 payments of £200

The investment for a 60 minute one off session is £95.